Easily visualize and navigate around your OpenAPI specifications using its graphic interface.


How does OhAPI work?

Select your OpenAPI specification

Open your OpenAPI specification in JSON format.

Select the operation that you require.

Select a Swagger operation
Select the message

The message list is then updated.

Select the message you want; (request or response).

The tree representing the message data structure in question is then updated.

The tree view is updated
Hover over a tree node

Hover over an element of the structure in order to see its description.

Select an element in the structure in order to locate its definition in the code viewer.

Select a tree node

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I edit specifications with OhAPI?

No, OhAPI is a specification viewer.

Why are certain properties are not visible in the tree structure?

Extensions and combinations are not currently supported (allOf, oneOf, anyOf)

Which document format is supported by OhAPI?

Document format support is JSON.

What is OhAPI's privacy policy?

We do not collect any personal data at all.

Can I open an OpenAPI specification version 2 (f.k.a. Swagger)?

We are currently working on support for OpenAPI’s version 2.

Can I open a Yaml document?

No, Oh API supports JSON document only.

Which version of OpenAPI is supported by OhAPI?

OhAPI supports version 3 of OpenAPI.

Contact Support

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us